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I completed a PhD in Sociology from Indiana University in June 2018 where I have also earned an M.S. in Applied Statistics. I will be joining the Santa Fe Institute in July as a post-doctoral researcher to work with Mirta Galesic on modeling belief change using techniques inspired by statistical phycis.

My substantive interests include immigration, race and ethnicity, politics, religion, gender, and transition to adulthood. My dissertation, funded by the NSF and a grant from the Global Religion Research Initiative, centers on immigration and identity processes. I investigate the emergence of a religious identity in adolescence for Muslim children of immigrants in Europe, and I consider how this identity can be used, in turn, for incorporation and political engagement in adulthood. I am also working on a project investigating if young men and women children of immigrants in the US follow different paths in identity formation between early adolescence and young adulthood.

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Santa Fe Institute

1399 Hyde Park Road

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Email: tamara@santafe.edu

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