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I am a program postdoctoral fellow at the Santa Fe Institute working with professor Mirta Galesic on her USDA-NIFA funded project on modeling belief change using techniques inspired by statistical physics. I earned a PhD in Sociology from Indiana University, where I also received an MS in Applied Statistics.

I am a computational sociologist interested in how social identities and beliefs develop and change within larger social environments. Papers from my dissertation focus on the emergence of a pan-ethnic Muslim identity among children of immigrants in Europe, and its potential for political engagement in adulthood. In collaboration with Muna Adem, I work on several projects which tackle the development and consequences of racial and ethnic identities for children of immigrants in the U.S. and in Europe. At the Santa Fe Institute, I am working on testing mathematical models to predict changes in beliefs and identity signaling. In collaboration with Mirta Galesic, Dan Stein and Nina Fedoroff, I analyze how personal moral values and social networks shape the formation of scientific beliefs. In another project with Mirta Galesic and Paul Smaldino, I focus on how the social context shapes the type of identity signaling online.

In my teaching, I focus on broadening students' cross-cultural perspective, demystifying statistics, and connecting the process of social science research with students' own experiences and interests. For three years, I was an Associate Instructor at Indiana University and taught intro- and upper-level courses focusing on statistics and immigration studies. I was also a teaching assistant for two summers at ICPSR summer program in quantitative methods of social research. At the Santa Fe Institute, I continue to mentor undergraduates during their summer research experience.

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